Shopping for any special occasion can be a difficult task. If you're like everyone else, you sometimes have problems figuring out the perfect gift that the recipient will appreciate and find useful. This is where a custom calendar might be a good option.

Calendars are obviously great gifts for both organization and potential d├ęcor. To be completely honest, though, they're typically not considered "thoughtful" presents. Fortunately, infusing your own content - such as art, text or photos - can turn a seemingly-drab offering into a thoughtful and unique gift.

Once you realize how great this idea is, use the following steps to make your gift of a custom calendar perfect.

Pick the Right Custom Calendar Software

Choosing the right software solution to create your custom calendar is the first and most important step of the process. While it may seem like there wouldn't be too many differences between your options, there are actually several considerations involving your calendar. Reflect on these:

  • Do you want the calendar to be a certain size?
  • How many images do you want per month? Just the one?
  • Do you need to add text to any of the images?
  • Does using a template work or do you want full customization?

All of these are important to consider. Once you find a software solution that meets all your needs, you can get started on your custom calendar.

Choose Your Calendar's Layout

The design and layout of your calendar are important, and they'll dictate the uniqueness of the final gift. You can probably find pre-made designs that will work perfectly. Then again, a format that allows you to insert a certain number of images might be better for your needs.

When looking at your options, you'll notice that Mimeo Photos has a variety of layouts you can choose from. Do you want a single full-page photo on every calendar month? How about small photos that occupy specific dates (e.g. wedding photo on your anniversary)? You might even just want two or three images that take up all the space.

Whatever the case, Mimeo Photos has what you're looking for. Once you find the perfect layout for your needs, it's time to start considering images.

Pick a Calendar Theme for Your Images

You can obviously just toss your favorite photos into a custom calendar, but it's sometimes more thoughtful to stay within a certain theme. Do you want to showcase your adventures together? Would you rather focus on creating a certain mood?

Here are a few theme ideas to get you started:

  • Undying Romance: Shopping for Valentine's Day or a friend's anniversary? Romantic photos of the couple are ideal.
  • Travel and Adventure: If you've got a persistent wanderer on your gift list, consider a travel calendar. Include photos with famous landmarks and breathtaking sites.
  • A Happy Place: Themes are always less important than smiles. If you can't settle on a particular theme, just pick photos that evoke happy memories.
Customize calendar dates with birthdays

Pick Images for Dates and Events

Picking the right images for specific dates and events is important even if you're only going with one image per month. Make a list of the things that are important to the recipient and decide where they belong in the year.

That family holiday photo from three years back? It's perfect for a December main image. Is the recipient's sister's birthday on February 3rd? Grab a picture of her to put on that specific date. There are countless ways to customize a calendar, so grab as many special images as possible and let them "get in where they fit in."

Insert Images into the Calendar

Once you've decided on your images and get them downloaded, inserting the photos into your custom calendar should be simple. Most software solutions will walk you through the entire process and have specific spots where you can drag and drop images.

With Mimeo Photos, your calendar can even be automatically filled to make things simpler. Of course, you can also turn off this feature and manually move the photos to the spot where they have the most significance. It's your gift, so you know best how to make it special.

Custom Calendars: The Yearlong Gift

When you're trying to come up with a creative gift idea, custom calendars are on a level all their own. Recipients can keep track of all their important dates while simultaneously having an everyday reminder of how thoughtful you are.

If you're going this route, though, make sure that you go all out. Use the right software solution, pick meaningful images and come up with ideas for a thoughtful presentation. If you put in the work, your gift is guaranteed to be appreciated all year and beyond.