Jun 14th 2024

Summer is filled with moments worth remembering, and a  photo book is the perfect way to capture these memories. Here’s a step-by-step guide on creating a stunning summer photo book that you’ll cherish forever.

Layflat photo book featuring a picture of Italy

1. Choose Your Subject

Start by selecting the subject of your photo book. Are you showcasing images from a specific trip, a collection of events, or a compilation of various summer activities? Deciding what you’ll focus on in your book will help you to create a cohesive story. 

2. Organize Your Photos

Go through your summer photos and select the best ones that fit with the subject of your photo book. Organize them by date or event to make the process smoother. Be sure to include a mix of photos taken in different orientations as well as candid and posed shots. 

3. Select a Theme & Layout

Mimeo Photos offers 50+ designer themes and hundreds of layout options to suit your style. Choose one that complements your photos and makes the book visually appealing. You can mix different layouts within the same book to keep it interesting. Want to be in full control? Opt for a blank theme and create your own designs.

Hardcover photo book with customized dust jacket

4. Add Captions and Stories

Enhance your photo book by adding captions and stories. Describe the moment, the people in the photo, and any special memories associated with it. This personal touch makes your photo book even more meaningful. With our  hardcover photo books, you can even customize the dust jacket with images or a special message. 

5. Customize with Design Elements

Use design elements like borders and backgrounds to add personality to your photo book. Mimeo Photos provides a wide range of customization options to help you create a unique and beautiful keepsake. 

6. Review and Edit

Before finalizing your photo book, take the time to review and edit. Check for any errors, ensure your photos are in the right order, and make sure the design looks cohesive. A well-edited photo book is a joy to look through.

Softcover photo book by a pool with a summer drink

7. Order Your Photo Book

Once you’re satisfied with your creation, place your order with Mimeo Photos. You’ll receive a high-quality, professionally printed photo book that beautifully preserves your summer memories. Want to share the book with friends or family so they can order it too? Our new  Shared Projects feature allows you to do just that! 

Create Your Summer Photo Book Today

With Mimeo Photos, turning your summer memories into a stunning photo book is easy and fun. Start your project today and keep your summer memories alive all year round.

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