Thank you, Steve Jobs

Your creation of iPhoto gave birth to our business of premium photo products.

From Apple To Everywhere

In 2002, Steve Jobs stunned photo lovers with Apple's new photo editing software, iPhoto. This innovation in photo sharing also gave people the ability to create and print their photos into beautiful bound, hardcover books directly from their Mac.

Because of a shared obsession with quality, Apple selected Mimeo as a strategic print partner. When Apple decided to get out of the printing game in 2017, Mimeo Photos was born.

Today, Mimeo Photos is easier than ever to find and use. We continue to innovate and have grown to include support for iOS, iPadOS, and the Web. We maintain our position as the #1 photo print provider in the Mac App Store, serving customers in over 140 countries worldwide looking for premium photobooks, calendars, cards, wall decor, and more.

Handcrafted by Eight

That's the minimum number of photo associates involved in handcrafting your hardcover photobook. Careful precision is necessary in all steps of production with the completely custom nature of every item that leaves our production floor.

Delivered In Thoughtful Packaging

Every item that leaves our facility is carefully packaged to greet you with a perfect presentation. Unboxing is a delight with your order shipped in protective matte sleeves, clear crystal bags, and corrugated outer packaging. We promise to deliver a smile making moment, no matter if your project is a new addition to your collection or a gift for someone special.