Jan 15th 2020

Your creativity knows no bounds, so why should your photos? It's time to ditch the boring picture frames of yesteryear and embrace your inner creative genius.

Here are eight simple and creative projects to help you break free from the constraints of dated frames and display photos without frames.

But before you begin, take all of your favorite moments and find the perfect format. Order photo prints using the Mimeo Photos app in 21 sizes from wallet to large format.

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Bulldog clips are a simple but creative way to display photos without frames
Source: Pinterest

1. Keep It Simple With Bulldog Clips

Items you'll need:

  • Bulldog clips
  • Small nails

This is a really fun and simple way to display your photos both big and small. Get a set of bulldog clips (you’ll need two per photo for larger formats). Note, you may want to opt for a clip color like gold or black depending on the mood of your imagery.

To start, measure the distance on your wall to make sure an even space between the clips. Gently tack a small nail into wall and hook the back of the bulldog clip over the head of the nail. Add open the clip and close it over the margin of the photo. 

We recommend using 4 x 6” prints with a single clip and two clips for any print 12 x 12” or larger. 

Crystals make a tiny photo holder as an alternative to frames
Source: Etsy

2. Capture a Centered, Earthy Vibe with Crystals

Items you'll need:

  • Small rocks or crystals
  • Jewelry wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Pliers
  • Hot glue

If your style is more free-spirited or earth grounded, then this is the photo project for you. Start by taking your wire and cutting it into a 2-inch length. Carefully coil the upper half of wire into a 2-loop circle. Next, apply a small amount of hot glue to a point to the top center of your crystal or healing stone. Gently hold the bottom end of the wire (the non-coiled end) to the glue until it fully adheres.

A small square (4 x 4”) or a wallet-size print works perfectly for this frameless display. Simply slip the photo into the loop. Voila!

Create a whimsical look with stringlights as a creative way to display photos without frames
Source: DIY Home

3. Create a Whimsical Atmosphere with String lights and Clothespins

Items you'll need:

  • String lights
  • Clothespins or binder clips
  • Chicken wire

This next one is incredibly simple but can make a huge impact on room ambiance. Take chicken wire (your local craft store or Urban Outfitters will do) and tack it to your wall. Clip either clothespins or binder clips to the wiring. Then take your string lights and weave them throughout the wiring.

Once you’re ready take a few photos that you’d like and clip them to the chicken wire. You can use a set of square photos or mix it up with a variety of sharable print formats.

Alternatively, you can purchase the holder from Etsy. 

Reuse your wine corks as a way to display your photo prints

4. Reuse Corks as Photo Holders

Items you'll need:

  • Corks
  • Razorblade or craft knife

Corks are useful for a lot of crafty things and a sturdy photo holder is one of them. Take your wine cork and use your razor blade or a craft knife to slice off one side for the holder's base. On the opposite side, cut about 1/4 inch deep across the entire length of the cork.

Bonus project: If you're using these for wedding decorations, you can widen the cut to hold the bride and groom's rings!

We can't wait to see what you come up with. Share with us your individual photo displays using #MimeoMoments on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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