Oct 5th 2018

Making your photos look more professional is getting easier thanks to Apple's upcoming free over-the-phone classes. When you're using Apple's smart intuitive tools, you can get the most out of your photo editing experience, and these over-the-phone sessions may just be what you need to enhance your photos for a high-quality appeal. Here's what you need to know:

A Little History

Back in late August 2018, Apple added a new support document debuting its new offering. The document is no longer available but gave a hint to future offerings Apple has in store. Apple would provide one-on-one training sessions for photo editing, according to the document. These sessions would be over the phone with a photos expert. These experts would help guide you through using Apple's smart, intuitive tools to create photos and to make them look more professional.

While the company did not make an official announcement about the service, popular Apple-focused news sites, such as MacRumors, Engadget, and Apple Insider, picked up on the service.

What's great about this program is that the service extends beyond the iPhone and applies to your iPad and MacBook, too. That means once you learn how to edit your photos for a high-quality effect, you can make it have a professional look when printing photobooks, cards, and calendars.

What to Expect

After scheduling a session online, the Photos expert would:

  1. Give you a call around your scheduled time
  2. Provide you with thirty minutes showing you how to edit photos based on your skill level

This additional support service is available to novice and professional photographers alike. Photos' editing tools will help you garner a high-quality image.The training session covers editing tools like the Auto Enhance tool. Your Apple Advisor will also demonstrate how to make adjustments to the color and lighting of your photos. You'll even be walked through how to edit Live photos.

Although the service is not yet available, it's a free service that will develop your photo editing skills.

In the Meantime, There's Still Photo Lab

Even though the one-on-one photo editing sessions are currently unavailable, you can still learn a ton from Apple's Today at Apple program. The program offers educational sessions where you can learn the basics up to professional-level tutorials. It offers Photo Lab group sessions, which are classes dedicated to photography.

Photo Lab sessions provide you with a deeper dive into photography. The sessions focus primarily on how to use your iPhone for photography. Photo Lab is geared towards users who are new to Apple devices. However, even if you are an avid Apple user, there are plenty of new styles and techniques to learn from Photos experts.

Apple has partnered with some of the most talented photographers around the world. Their insider tips and techniques are used in Photo Lab sessions.

These classes change periodically, so it's possible that you can find a course at your local Apple store that covers photo editing techniques. Even though these sessions aren't one-on-one, they're a great alternative if you enjoy being able to learn visually or in-person.

Key Takeaways

Taking your photos to the next level calls for using services that can help you maximize the value of Apple's instinctive tools. With the services Apple offers for free, you can learn photo editing and more.

Whether your goal is to make your calendars for your home or personalized cards to share with loved ones, understanding how to edit those photos can help your documents have a professional look. Stay tuned for these upcoming sessions and take advantage of them so you can enhance the look of your photos.

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