Oct 6th 2017

Children grow up fast; one day they’re babies barely able to walk, the next they’re running around laughing and talking. Birthdays are an extremely memorable way to document children’s growth. Planning the birthday party is only the half of it-- You’ll want to document every second of the celebration through photos. Here are some of the pictures you are going to want to make sure you take.

1. Blowing out the candles

Blowing out the candles at a childs birthday party

This type of photo is a classic birthday party staple. Make sure to capture the moment as the cake is brought to the birthday boy/girl. Place the cake in front of them, get everyone to sing along, and position yourself somewhere to get the the best view as they blow out their candles. To create a special effect, dim the lights during this process. This will create vibrant shots using the candle’s lighting.

2. Cake

Take photos of the cake

The cake can sometimes be the main attraction at a child’s birthday party. They can be big, fun, colorful and creative, so it makes sense that you’ll want to remember it in photo before its devoured by the guests.

3. Decorations & Details

Take photos of the decorations

Does your child’s birthday party have a theme? Or maybe you went above and beyond with the decorations. Consider capturing the details of your party, including shots of the room, presents, balloons, cake, table, and overall set-up. Photos like these look great scattered through an album between shots of people.

4. Shoot Candids

Candid photos at birthday parties

While the kids are interacting, playing, eating, and doing birthday activities, the most genuine, playful and fun photos can come by taking candids.

5. Family Photos

Take family photos at your child's birthday party

A child’s birthday party is one of the best times to take a family photo. Everyone’s dressed up with their biggest smiles, making a perfect photo set-up with the whole family together. Consider taking the family photo with the cake at the table, or while the parents help the child cut the cake for everyone.

6. Opening Presents

Opening birthday presents

Capture your child's excitement as they open their presents. Not only does it make for fun and energetic photos, but it also serves as a way to document each gift they receive.

7. Invitation

Birthday invitations

Parents like to get creative with their invitations so make sure to document this special piece of the party. Plus, you’ll be able to look back on details of the celebration like the place, date, and time.

8. Mixed Shooting Angles

Mix shooting angles

Last but not least, try to add some mixed shooting angles to all of the types of photos you decide to take. You can either take photos from high up to get a full room or table shot, or get down really low and photograph the kids from their own point of view. Different shots like these can create a more dynamic and playful series of photos to fill into your photobooks and collages.

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