Oct 12th 2019

This week, Apple released its latest version of its operating system - Catalina. Nigel Barker and the Mimeo Photos team are thrilled about some of the new Photos features that come with the update. In macOS Catalina, you’ll be better able to create your stunning photo projects with us.

But to enjoy these new capabilities you’ll need to update to the latest version of Mimeo Photos.

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As a photographer, you have a high volume of images. How has macOS Catalina helped manage the images in your Photos app?

Day. Month. Year. I can sort through timeframes much faster inCatalina. It’s similar to how you’d sort through memories in your iPhone.

But what’s a bit different is Apple added animation markers so you’ll be able to mark the spot in the timeline to jump back to later. This isa great feature for anyone looking to grab images from odd ends of a year when building a calendar or any other print photo project.

What are some of the other features that will benefit other creatives like yourself?

If you shoot a lot on your phone, it's really easy to end up with duplicate images. Whether that’s from not going through images captured in burst mode or airdropping the same images to your Mac’s Photos library. macOSCatalina will find all of those dups and then remove unnecessary clutter from your library.

Beyond that, your greatest shots will be pulled and showcased.I think that is one way to discover subjects that you may have forgotten about or the composition of a photo that you may have initially overlooked.

It will be interesting to see how this changes how people create photo projects. Maybe there’s a cover image for a book or an image of that would make the perfect card invite.

What are some of the moments that macOS Catalina has helped you uncover in your Photos app?

The tech we have available today is both fast and smart, but also highly personal. In Catalina, my Mac uses machine learning to not only see who is in the photo but the activity or occasion itself. Because of this I’m able to quickly see the important moments in my life.

My family and I travel quite a lot. This summer we went toAmsterdam, London and Paris and while I remember the larger moments -- driving a boat in the canal, the Eiffel Tower, changing of the guard -- the upgrade also helped uncover smaller details of the trip. One of which was an avante garde dress shop we explored together.

Details like this help tell a bigger story. I’m currently creating a printed travelogue of my summer and little moments, like the dress shop trip, shape the narrative.

You’re Due for an Upgrade

Our app is macOS Catalina compatible starting in v3.8 of MimeoPhotos. You can enjoy all of the new photo management capabilities Nigel discussed above while creating new and editing past prinT projects. But first we ask that you upgrade to our latest release for macOS 10.15 Catalina and later operating systems.

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