10 Photobook Ideas to Create

Posted by Deborah Lalehzar

Nov 17th 2017

1. Family Yearbook

MimeoPhotos family photobook

Look back on your family memories with photobooks. When every year comes to an end, document as many special moments from the year into the book in chronological order. With each year, you’ll see how much your family has grown and how many valuable memories you’ve shared together.

2. Cookbook

MimeoPhotos Cook Book

A cookbook is a great way to document all of your special recipes, whether they have been passed down to you through generations, or you have created them yourself. Each page spread can include the recipe and a photo of each dish.

3. Birthday Party

MimeoPhotos Photobook

Birthday parties are always the most memorable part of the year, so it’s obvious why photos of the special celebration will make for the perfect photobook.

4. Mothers/Fathers Day Photobook

MimeoPhotos Mothers Day PhotoBook

What better way to show appreciation to your amazing parents on their special days than through photos! Showcase your love for them in a unique and personalized way.

5. Guestbook

MimeoPhotos Guest Book

Planning a special event? Guestbooks are a beautiful way to remember the event and the people that you shared it with. For example, an engagement party guestbook can incorporate photos of the newly engaged couple, leaving spaces throughout the book for guests to sign their names and leave a quick note of congratulations.

6. Holiday Photobook

MimeoPhotos Holiday Photobook

Document your family and friends celebrating the holidays! Include photos of food, presents, and decorations during Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, etc.

7. Scanned Artwork

MimeoPhotos Artwork Photobook

Showcase your child’s school artwork in a photobook for a great keepsake. Professional artists can also scan their artwork into a book to showcase all of their art in one easy and collective way. Just scan the art onto your computer and use Mimeo Photos to design your very own photobook.

8. Vacation/getaway photobook

MimeoPhotos Vacation Photobook

Whether it be a weekend getaway with your friends or an adventurous trip across the country, create a photobook documenting the best parts of your journey!

9. Wedding Photobook

MimeoPhotos Wedding Photobook

Create your own personalized wedding photobook as one of your most treasured memories. From the dress to the flowers to the smiles, a wedding has everything it takes to make a beautiful photobook.

10. Baby/Child photobook

Mimeo Baby Photobook

An entire photobook filled with adorable pictures of your baby or child? Yes please! You’re guaranteed to be gushing over this book for years and years.

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