Apr 30th 2020

The 2020 Spring semester has truly been an unprecedented one. 

Students, teachers, parents, and administrators all have been affected by school closures resulting from COVID-19. Many things have had to change to ensure the safety of public health but, this doesn’t mean school traditions have to be completely missed out on. Fortunately, you can still find ways to cherish these end of year memories and immortalize them within a custom photo project.

We have compiled a list of 5 school photo project ideas that are perfect to wrap up this unconventional school year.

Classroom Memories Photobook

When schools closed no one knew that students wouldn’t be able to return to their classes this semester. There was still plenty of the school year left to look forward to and expectations were optimistic. But, as time went on this became less and less possible. Now, teachers are trying to finish up their lessons remotely and can no longer close out the school year with their students. If you are looking for a way to say a proper goodbye, give your students a personalized photobook full of memories from the classroom. 

This gift can contain photos of: 

  • School events throughout the year
  • Class awards or superlatives
  • And even highlight student projects

There are countless ways to customize your photobook. Gift your students a thoughtful keepsake that always reminds them of their time in your class.

Graduation Announcements

Graduation ceremonies and parties are canceled this semester due to social-distancing measures. So, instead of mailing out invitations, send graduation announcement photo cards to everyone that was on your invite list. You can still let family and friends know that your senior is graduating and celebrate with them from afar. Plus, with a customized photo card, you’re sending a nice memento of this important milestone.

It’s unfortunate that in-person graduation ceremonies have been canceled this year but you can bring some joy with a light-hearted and personal photo card. 

School Moments Calendar

Throughout the year you may have amassed a lot of photos of your school and students. Show these moments off with a customized calendar.

A calendar makes your wall art functional, both inside and outside the classroom. You can highlight your favorite photos from this school year and carry them with you into the next one. Moreover, you can add important dates, birthdays, and holidays to keep track of all the special memories to come. A customized calendar full of moments from this school year will be a pleasant reminder each time you check your calendar.

Prom Photo Prints

Although prom has also been canceled, there are ways to document these memories while also staying safe. Some seniors are opting for a social-distancing prom photoshoot as a way to celebrate despite prom being canceled. Even if they can’t actually go to prom this year, your senior can still get dressed up and have their photo taken. Then, you can order your prints in all sorts of sizes with Mimeo Photos and have them shipped directly to you. These photos would be a great way to spruce up your walls for the perfect #wallenvy moment! Plus, you are filling your home with meaningful keepsakes.

Teacher Appreciation Photo Card

Teacher Appreciation Week is going to be very different this year due to schools not being in session. It’s still important to honor teachers for all that they do but how can you while social-distancing? Send your gratitude to all the teachers in yours and your student’s lives with a personal thank you photo card.

Teachers are essential to student development. They spend every day with students helping them learn. We should all take a moment to appreciate our teachers and say thanks for the crucial work they do. A heartfelt thank you card is a great way to express your appreciation.

Personalize your photo card with some of these tips:

  • Add a drawing or note from your student(s)
  • Include your favorite inspirational quote about teachers
  • Put a collage of photos from various school events

However you are choosing to spend your time during social-distancing, find ways to commemorate your school year and hold these memories dear. Luckily, you can design your photobook, calendars, prints, and cards all online! Furthermore, we can ship them directly to you or whoever you are gifting your projects to. This way you can maintain social-distancing while also creating a memorable photos project.

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