The Photographer Interviews: Kelsey Gramza

Posted by Michele Hamparian

Sep 10th 2021

Rocks forming arch in desert

What drew you to photography?

I grew up in the country where there is nothing but nature around you. I learned to appreciate it at a young age and when I learned how much fun taking photos was I learned a whole new way to admire it.

Shot from the middle of the road leading to a snowy mountain

Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere is inspiration for me! I always look for the places less traveled when I go to a new place, and try to see an angle that most people do not. I also follow a lot of amazing photographers on all my social medias, that inspire me daily.

Full rock arch in the desert

How did you get into photography and what type of camera and lenses do you use?

I picked up my dad's camera when I was 8 years old and walked around our property taking photos of everything I could, it was then my hobby / career was born! I use a Sony A7RII and for lenses I use a Sony 35mm, Sony 200-600mm, and Sony 20-105mm.

Rock formations at Garden of the Gods

Are there any projects you are especially proud of?

If I had to pick one, it would be an image I took at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado during sunset. There is not too much of a story to it other than the lighting, clouds and everything was perfectly in place to make the perfect shot!

Can you share some tips on how you shoot your images, are there specific types of equipment for taking these kinds of photos?

Patience is key! Waiting for the perfect timing and lighting can be tricky but completely worth it in the end. Also knowing how to shoot in manual is super important especially when the lighting is tricky! I use both light room and photoshop to edit every one of my images!

Having both a wide angle lens for landscape and a telephoto lens for wildlife is super important to me, I shoot with two cameras at a time, one has my 200-600mm lens on it and the other has my 20-105mm.

Sunset and golden hour light in the desert

What advice would give to someone starting a career in photography?

Two things! Know what equipment you’d like to use: I highly recommend renting some equipment first in order to find what you like the best! Second, find your style! This may take a long time for some people to find but it is important to have your own style / brand. I have just found mine after 15 years! Keep on practicing both shooting and editing, never give up, you will constantly learn new things!!

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