Nov 28th 2018

Anyone can take pictures at a wedding, but which type of shots will make it to the final frame? Wedding photography is a special kind of art. It takes being at the right place at the right time, within the span of a couple hours. It can seem overwhelming when so much is going on, and you don’t know where to shoot.

Here are some top tips and tricks from pros on setting the mood, capturing candid moments, and making each picture count on this special day.

1. Plan a Shot List

Proper planning goes a long way to capturing the perfect moments. Before the big day, sit down with the bride and groom and find out which moments they would like captured of their wedding.

Remember that different people have different creative ideas, so it’s best to know what they want to be conveyed on their special day. Create your “shot list” with the bride and groom’s preferences, then add your own, and don’t leave anything out!

2. It’s All in the Details

Tea lights at twilight; a perfect flower bouquet in the bride’s hand; the delicious food, champagne glasses, or wedding décor set against natural sunlight. These are all details that make up a bigger part of the masterpiece.

Yes, you should go for some group shots and the lovely couple, but don’t leave out tiny, dainty details. Check Instagram for #weddinginspo of shots that people love to frame. Notice how much of it are tiny, zoomed-in shots? These make great art pieces and are easy on the eyes.

Think simplicity, not perfection.

Shoot the reactions of guests throughout your wedding day

3. Guests Letting Loose

Make sure to get these types of snaps while the night is young! Are the happy grandparents the first ones on the dance floor? Did the groom plan a surprise dance with his buddies for the bride? These will all make hilarious and beautiful memories to keep forever.

4. The Tiniest Party-Goers

While everyone is abuzz at a wedding, there’s no one enjoying it more than the littlest guests, the children. They’re certainly not stressing over wedding details, or that the program is going alright.

They’re content to enjoy the party mood, and you want to capture this innocence and joy as part of the future story. Rather than getting groups of kids to pose for you, use the opportunity to catch candid shots.

5. Getting Ready Details

Every guest comes to a wedding party dressed to kill. Use the occasion to zoom in on beautiful details such as braided hair and baubles, the bride getting her makeup applied, tying on her corset, or the groom and groomsmen prepping and joking around before the ceremony.

6. Shoot Reactions

Did someone shed a happy tear? Was there shared laughter and love on the smiles of guests? The best type of wedding photos are the faces of joy, those unplanned and natural reactions of happiness and delight. Make sure to capture the reactions of family members and friends present at the wedding.

7. The Getaway Ride

This is the last frame, so make sure it’s one to remember! As it is likely also the last picture in the wedding photobook, make it tell the rest of the story: the beginning of the couple’s happy adventures together!

8. The Digital Content Library

You can also create a digital content library for the bride and groom to access. This will be an extra special way to give them more options for printing or framing other photographs in their new home.

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