Optimal Viewing

Explore every moment in detail with photos that span across two pages, offering a panorama you can hold in your hands.

Available in volumes
up to 130 pages

Exceptional Paper Quality

Our double-thick, pearl-textured photographic paper brings your memories to life with superior 4-color print reproduction. With archival qualities and high aging resistance, your treasured photos will maintain their luster for many years to come.

130 pages layflat photo book
Large format layflat photo books

Exquisite Hardcover

Encased in an image-wrapped hardcover, enhanced by a soft textured matte lamination, our layflat photo book boasts a modern and sophisticated appeal. The elegant finish not only offers durability but also adds a refined touch to your most cherished memories.

Premium Presentation Box

Every layflat photo book arrives in a beautifully crafted box, complete with clear foil stamping and an elegant black ribbon. Made with durable, premium materials, this box not only provides excellent protection for your cherished keepsake but also elevates your gifting experience.

Layflat photo book gift box

Celebrate Life’s Special Moments

Vacations layflat photo book
Travel layflat photo books

Your Year In Perspective

Capture the story of your year, from the quiet days at home to the adventures far away. From learning new recipes to watching your children grow, every day is a page in your year-long journey. Organize photos chronologically using our Autofill feature, or create thematic spreads of accomplishments or fun moments.

Timeless Family Keepsakes

Compile your cherished family narratives into a seamless layflat photo book. From baby's first steps to grand family reunions, this keepsake brings together the threads of your family's unique tapestry. The laughter, the tears, the joy, and the everyday moments all find their place in this precious keepsake that spans generations and tells your family's story.

Travel Memories Unfolded

Remember that golden sunset in Santorini? The laughter-filled road trip across the country? The grandeur of the Grand Canyon? Gather these treasures into a layflat travel photo book that takes you back on those adventures every time you flip a page. Organize photos by trip or location, incorporate mementos, maps, or captions, and marvel at how our layflat photo book beautifully displays landscape and panoramic travel shots.

Wedding Moments Enhanced

Your wedding day was a whirlwind of joy and laughter, a blur of friends and family — retrace those steps down the aisle, toast to your love, and dance the night away, page by page. Ideal for group shots, wide-angle ceremony shots, and intimate moments, a layflat wedding photo book enhances the look and feel of your photos with its panoramic view and durable pages.

Wedding layflat photo book

Which Layflat Photo Book is Right For You?

Our layflat photo books come in two landscape sizes and two square sizes to accommodate different styles and preferences. Each layflat photo book can accommodate up to 130 pages, providing ample room for your photo narratives.

Landscape - 13 x 10"

Starting at $169.99 for 20 pages
$3.99/additional page - up to 130 pages

Landscape - 11 x 8.5"

Starting at $129.99 for 20 pages
$3.49/additional page - up to 130 pages

Square - 10 x 10"

Starting at $139.99 for 20 pages
$3.69/additional page

Square - 8 x 8"

Starting at $99.99 for 20 pages
$2.99/additional page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Questions About Layflat?

  • Layflat is a specialized technique that enables a book to lay flat when opened. The primary advantage of this binding style is its ability to facilitate a continuous flow of images across two pages, linked by a subtle crease in the middle. This configuration introduces novel creative possibilities, including the capacity to showcase broad panoramas or sizeable images that span across two pages. This type of hardcover photo book offers a seamless, immersive viewing experience. Ultimately, regardless of the type of photo, our layflat photo book is designed to perfectly accommodate and enhance your precious memories.

  • A layflat photo book sets itself apart from a standard photo book in a few key ways:

    Binding: Unlike a traditional photo book where individual pages are glued into the binding, a layflat photo book utilizes one continuous sheet of paper folded at the center for each pair of facing pages. This unique process allows images to span across two pages seamlessly, providing an optimal platform for showcasing panoramic or landscape-oriented photos.

    Page Quality: The pages in a layflat album are thicker compared to the flexible pages often found in standard photo books. This sturdier construction not only enhances the tactile experience, making browsing photos feel akin to exploring an art gallery, but also boosts the durability of the pages, making them less prone to tears.

    Presentation: With the ability to lay flat when open, a layflat photo book provides a seamless, immersive viewing experience. This feature, combined with the continuity of images across the spread, amplifies the visual impact of your photos, adding a professional and artistic touch to your cherished memories.

  • No worries! The term "panoramic" in reference to layflat photo books doesn't mean you need specialized panoramic images taken with specific camera features. In this context, it simply suggests that any of your larger or landscape-oriented photos can be impressively displayed across two pages, thanks to the book's seamless, flat-open design. You are not limited to using panoramic photos; any of your cherished images will be perfectly suitable for a layflat photo book.

  • Absolutely! Despite the pages of our layflat photo books being thicker, they can actually accommodate up to 130 pages. This exceeds our standard hardcover photo book sizes by 10 pages, allowing ample room to showcase a significant number of your treasured photos.

  • Certainly! Layfalt photo books offer a wealth of possibilities for capturing and displaying your cherished memories:

    Annual Recaps: Bring the story of your year into perspective with a layflat photo book. Chronicle everything from quiet days at home to far off adventures, from personal achievements to precious shared moments. The option to organize your photos chronologically with our Autofill feature, or to create thematic spreads, makes layflat photo books ideal for year-long journeys.

    Family and Baby: Create timeless keepsakes by compiling your beloved family narratives into a layflat photo book. Celebrate everything from baby's first steps to family reunions, with all the laughter, joy, and everyday moments in between. With its panoramic display and durable pages, a layflat photo book is the perfect medium for your family's unique tapestry of memories.

    Wedding and Engagement: Celebrate the joy and beauty of your wedding or engagement with a layflat photo book. From group shots and wide-angle ceremony captures, to intimate moments, our layflat photo books enhance the depth and feel of your photos. Relive your walk down the aisle, toasts to love, and festive dancing, page by page.

    Vacation and Travel: Transport yourself back to the golden sunsets in Santorini, laughter-filled road trips, or the grandeur of the Grand Canyon with a layflat travel photo book. Our books beautifully display landscape and panoramic travel shots, and provide an excellent format to organize your photos by trip or location. Incorporate mementos, maps, or captions to fully recount the richness of your travel adventures.

    Remember, these are merely suggestions. layflat photo books can enhance any photo story you wish to tell, and are an excellent way to make your memories tangible and shareable.

  • The layflat photo book features the same durable, matte-finish image wrap hardcover used for our standard hardcover photo books, ensuring it aligns with your existing collection. While a matching dust jacket or sleeve are not included, each layflat photo book is accompanied by a premium presentation box, providing an extra layer of protection and storage option for your layflat photo book. This continuity of design and attention to detail make our layflat photo books not only a perfect standalone piece but also a harmonious addition to your existing collection.

  • Layflat photo books are printed on double-thick, pearl-textured photographic paper, providing a luxurious feel and finish. This high-quality material ensures the vibrant, superior 4-color print reproduction of your photos. It also has impressive archival qualities and high aging resistance, ensuring your precious memories retain their luster for generations. The exceptional paper quality, combined with our 20+ years of craftsmanship and print expertise, promise a remarkable viewing experience that brings images to life.

  • While our layflat photo books are slightly larger than our existing hardcover photo book sizes, the differences are minor and the layflat books will complement your existing collection beautifully. The sizes for the layflat photo books are designed to ensure optimal display and durability for your photos and will integrate nicely onto your bookshelf alongside your current Mimeo collection.

  • The durability of our layflat photo books is one of our top priorities. We employ a binding technology that uses hotmelt glue, which guarantees a robust and long-lasting binding. This approach ensures:

    Long shelf life: The book binding remains intact over extended periods.

    Minimal waste: This technology allows for efficient use of materials, reducing waste.

    No volatile organic compounds: Our binding process doesn't emit harmful compounds into the environment.

    Rapid drying and curing: The hotmelt glue dries and cures quickly, ensuring the binding is secure and ready for use in no time.

    This gives your layflat photo book the resilience to withstand repeated use, preserving your precious memories for years to come.

  • While the cost of a layflat photo book is slightly higher than a standard hardcover photo book, it's important to understand the additional value it offers. Layflat photo books are meticulously designed to showcase your images over a seamless spread, providing a panoramic view of your photos. The durability and elegance of our layflat books with their thicker pages and high-quality binding give them an artistic touch akin to gallery collections.

    We also offer a range of book sizes and flexible page counts that allow you to manage the cost according to your budget. And even though the layflat books are a premium product, we assure you that our prices are competitive when compared to other offerings on the market.

  • Our layflat photo books are available for international shipping to 32 countries. For a full list of these countries click here.