May 14th 2024

Have you ever wanted to share a photo book with a friend or family member? With the latest Mimeo Photos for Mac update, it’s easier than ever to share your finished photo books.

Our new Shared Projects feature allows you to seamlessly invite friends, family, colleagues, or anyone else to view and purchase their own copy of your masterpiece. Currently available exclusively on Mimeo Photos for Mac, you can share any new or existing hardcover photo book project.

Click the new Share button within Mimeo Photos for Mac to share your hardcover photo book project.

Effortless Sharing

Once your hardcover photo book is complete, click the “Share” button in the Mimeo Photos for Mac app and follow the steps on your screen. Enter email addresses, add a title and description, and voila! Your invitees will receive an email with a link to your secure, dedicated project web page, known as the Share Page. 

An Interactive Experience

Your invitees can fully view your photo book on the Share Page and easily place their own orders. This eliminates the hassle of you having to manage ordering multiple copies of your book and distributing them to everyone, while also providing a convenient experience for your invitees.

Your Share Page is where you and your invitees can view and order your Shared Project.

Complete Control

As the creator, you have the power to update invitations, remove invitees, or even delete the Shared Project entirely if needed. This means you have complete control over who can view and order your book at all times.

Sharing Made Simple

We’ve designed the sharing process for ultimate ease. Before your book is shared, we’ll run a quick quality check on your project to ensure it meets print standards. Then, you can add up to 50 email addresses of the people you want to share with. Afterward, you’ll craft a title and description of your book that will be shown to your invitees on their email invitation and on your project’s Share Page.

The Shared by Me screen will show you all of your Shared Projects with Mimeo Photos.

Ready to Share?

Get started today in the Mimeo Photos for Mac app! Still have questions about this new feature? Check out our Shared Projects Frequently Asked Questions.

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